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Since 1987, we have powered over 1.3 million spas and hot tubs with our controls, heaters, pumps, blowers and massagers. Many participants in this survey are consumers that have enjoyed our products for over 30 years.
1) When asked, are you happy with the longevity of our products?94%6%
2) When asked, do you like the idea of purchasing manufacturer direct?100%0%
3) When asked, are your saving money using our online service?98%2%

Of our customers that called us for technical support, 99% found our technical personnel knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.
Click here to see how we saved Dr. Benton $100.00 per month on his electrical bill.

“I have been working with Accura Spa for around 5 years and Joe has allways made recomendations to help me save money. the last time I called was for a 2 speed motor and he had me purchase a energy saving motor and it has saved me 60% on my power bill. I would recomend them to anyone that needs spa parts”

Randy Faiman
Exeter, CA

“I am a 32 year field service engineer for the world's leading supplier of power generation equipment. I work on components ranging from a small industrial drives to the largest nuclear units in the US. When I have to ask a technical question in my work environment I expect to get a timely, precise technical answer. This is exactly what you have provided me! As you probably know, and I have recently found out, other people selling Spa components only have the ability to sell... they lack any technical knowledge.”

Dan Burns
White Field, ME

“I've purchased spa pumps, etc., from various on-line sources. Acura Spa beats the competition hands down for quality, accuracy, customer care, and honest reliable information. Their spa control has performed flawlessly for over two years (I installed it myself in a 14 year old Cal Spa) and their pumps are FAR quieter than the original equipment. I will definitely keep ordering from Acura Spa. Joe and his entire staff/family are the BEST!”

Bruce Klassen
Langley, WA

“Price is great, service and care is hands down the best I have ever experienced. Joe was awesome!!! And as a hot tub newbie I will ALWAYS use Acura Spa for all my needs. Refreshing to find a company that stands by their word and most of all, their marketing.”

Michael Lugowski
Lisle, IL

“The technician was incredible he walk us thou the process so we could understand the process”

Nancy Ponsetti
Alvin, TX

“After researching all products available to retrofit my spa, Acura systems were found to be far superior and made the decision to retrofit rather than replace individual components an easy decision.”

Anthony Hill
Brookston, IN

“Joseph was the greatest at helping me with my system would and will refer to everyone I know”

Scott Brown
Martinsville, IN

“Joseph made the process of determining my needs and selecting the right products as simple as One, Two, Three. TY”

Neil Ayrons
Charlotte, NC

“I called and am amazed at the wonderful guidance I was given. Instead of just selling me parts, I was walked through the entire order and my bill ended up lower than what I had selected before I called... and now I can be certain that the parts are the correct ones. Thank you for all of your help!”

Ronna Wasik
Cecil, PA

“Thank You For Saving Me Over $400”

Charles Taylor
Tulsa, OK

“Joseph was extremely helpful in explaining and recommending te best pump for my spa. Thanks Joseph. I will recommend to you all my friends.”

Frank Davis
Union City, CA

“Very helpful technical support and the prices are great! ”

William Thelen
Thrall, TX

“Thank you Joseph for your help in making sure I had all the right components”

Gary Musso
Hopkinton, MA

“Spa is working great now! It is going to be great to use it again after a year of being out of commission and it will be great to know where to get parts in the future! Thanks for all your help.”

Keith Cook

“Tech support is the best i have ever experienced ”

Larry Shackelford
Kempner, TX

“very easy to work with I needed help on what to order they walk you through great service”

Danny Malone
Clovis, CA

Jerry, a Senior Energy Engineering Advisor, reported his observations on purchasing a 'Caesar' hot tub by Regal Spas.


I couldn't be happier with our decision to purchase the Caesar Hydro-Therapy Spa. Everything about this spas says QUALITY.

Of course, everyone says something along this line with just about everything they just purchased.

I did my homework which included an exhausting 6 months of research into what features makes up a well built hot tub and looking at over 50 different models and brands of hot tubs. I can say without hesitation that there is no better built, energy efficient hot tub on the market today, period.

Its impressive to see a well built quality spa that includes: 2x4 support structure, thick acrylic/fiberglass shell, energy efficient motors with heat recovery, 3 inch manifolds, titanium heaters, energy efficient cover, and USA made electronics and components just to name a few.

Being an energy engineer, the number one feature I was looking for was that it had to be "truly" energy efficient. It's amazing to me how many salesmen told me that their product was energy efficient until I asked for proof. During the month of July with average outside temperature around 85F, the tub maintained 104F temperature without running the heaters. The heat from the motor used during filtration coupled with the energy efficient cover and insulated cabinet was all that was needed to keep the tub at the desired set-point.

It's also amazing to me how many salesmen told me that their product was well built until I had them open the surrounding skirt enclosure. When you open the Caesar spa, it's quite apparent even to the non-engineer that this is a well engineered, top of the line built product.

When the hot tub arrived, neighbors and friends were impressed not only with the overall looks of the tub itself but with the actual components that were located in the housing area. The general comment was WOW!

In addition, Regal Spas was the only company that took the time to answer all of my questions.

I can assure your future customers, that the Caesar Spa is truly the best built, best engineered, energy efficient hot tub on the market today.”

Jerry Eaton, PE, CEM, CPE, CEEP
Senior Energy Advisor

Jerry Eaton received the Region III Renewable Energy Innovator of the Year Award for 2011 by AEE (Association of Energy Engineers).

Jerry reported his observation and cost of operation after two years of owning a “Caesar” hot tub by Regal Spas.
“If temp is above 46F the additional cost to heat the hot tub is $0

The worst month was Jan and Feb 2013 with the average temp at a blistering 21.5F the average increase in energy usage for running the heaters (subtracting out pumping power) was approx. $43.60/month.

So I was say that for each decrease in temp below 48F(baseline) you would add about $2/month ….so if the average monthly temp is 38F (10F drop from the baseline) this would add about $20/month to heat the hot tub.

If the average temp was 26F.(20F drop from the baseline temp of 46F)this would equate to $40/month increase in running the heaters.

Keep in mind that my hot tub is located inside a 4 wall structure (top is open to the atmosphere) therefore very little wind loss for a hot tub exposed to the wind the cost or operations would go up.”

Jerry Eaton, PE, CEM, CPE
Senior Energy Management Professional
Focus on Energy – Large Energy User Program

“Regal Spas and Acura Spa Systems are true professionals who care about delivering quality and value to their customers. If you want state of the art in energy efficiency and design, as well as long term customer service, you can't do better.”

Doug Bishop
Yucca Valley, CA

“Acura has always been helpful and friendly no matter how small my issue is.”

Paul Cambridge
Glenwood, IA

“I called and spoke with the person who builds the pumps, he was SO helpful he walked me through the entire process!! We have looked for 3 months for this pump in pool stores with no luck. We finally decided to google Acura Spa and went on the web site eventually contacting the company directly. What a blessing!! The man I spoke with was absolutely wonderful!! Thank you!”

Shelly Bendykowski
Temecula, CA

“I am very disappointed in the quality of our swim spa. It is a money pit every year.”

Robert Babcock
Lyman, SC

“Thanks Joe, You are the best! I would recommend your company to anyone.”

Robert Hopp, Jr.

“technical personnel was every helpful and told me what went wrong with my motor before i could tell him what was wrong with it”

John Johnston
Athens, PA

“very satisfied with the help and knowledge i recieved with my purchase.”

Lori Stuk
Battle Mountain, NV

“Technical support is always very helpful and informative. I would recommend anyone that may need to replace a motor\pump, or control unit to speak with Joe about there current problem. His knowledge and ability to explain what may be happening with your spa is exceptional.”

Michael Comens
Pontiac, IL

“Thank you for your patience answering my questions”

John Raskin
Lafayette, CA

“I appreciate working with Joe because he is knowledgeable.”

Christopher Rylander
Austin, TX

“So far this has been a good experience with this company. Products look good and easy to order.”

Randall Patterson
Meadow Bridge, WV

“Joseph walked me through the building process and was both very helpful and personable!”

Rudolph Godwin
Falling Waters, WV

“Excellent service”

Randy Newton
Hopkinsville, KY

“Great Guy So Helpful !!!!! Been a Pleasure !!!! ”

William Grasmick
Williamstown, NJ

“Thank you for getting back with me about the booster pump wiring. I rewired the second pump with the pigtail you sent me and my hot tub is finally up and running like new. All the equipment I bought from you went together seamlessly and my hot tub s finally working like it should. If I ever need anything I will definitely be ordering from you again.”


“Thank you so much for all your guys help. Received hot tub motor very promptly and was a perfect fit. Back to enjoying my hot tub in this wonderful AZ weather. You guys were a big help. Just wanted to say thank you!”

Dr. Cody Stroh

“Hi Joe, Thanks again for your help on the phone today and for your dedication and commitment to helping me solve my issues with my new control pack. It works great now and I'm very pleased. I have left you a 5-star review on Google Reviews. Keep up the good work and the excellent customer service!”

Bob Robertson
Tampa, FL

“You are cheaper, and offer what appears to be a great product.”

Chad Cooper
Tigard, OR

“You guys really know your stuff. I took the pump out took it apart and removed the flinger. Hooray, no more squeal. Thank you for the quick (and accurate) response.”

Randy Clark

“Joseph was great at helping me get exactly what I needed to get my Hot Tub back up and running, will use again when I need something else for my tub.”

Stephen Mein
Cave Spring, GA

“very helpful thanks”

Joseph Bunero
Weatherford, TX

“Joseph, thanks for your help! Your information is awesome!”

Bob Gaither

“Great customer information given”

Daymon Stephens
Bluffdale, UT

“You got that heater coil out right away and I was able to install it and get it all back up running already yesterday. Up to temp this morning and working great. and thank you for your time on the phone. very much appreciated.”

Mark Botvnick

“I live on disability & use my hot tub for therapy. My hot tub repairman was pleased I found the part myself and is gladly installing it :) ”

Debra Genzlinger
Lebanon, MO

“Thank you to the engineer who talked to me on 1/20/16 around 5:00pm.”

Patrick Doyle
Glen Ellyn, IL

“Awesome place with impeccable customer service”

Brian Harvey
Goldthwaite, TX

“You're one of the very few online retailers to provide all the detailed information about each control system. Although these things are fairly standard, there are several nuances (such as intake or discharge side installation, inclusion of blower, the size of the top side cutout, etc) that really make a difference in determining the fit and function of each system. Thank you for that!”

Robert Robertson
Tampa, FL

“You have great pricing on critical parts”

Roger Schultz
Yucaipa, CA

“I emailed your tech support and between their help and the abiltiy to replace the entire spa pack cheaper than just the circuit card from thermospa made my decision to go with you easy.”

Leonard Beszcynski
Dongola, IL

“Joseph was extremely helpful -- so knowledgable! Thank you”

Rena Root
Franklin, NY

“I was elated to find that my very old spa still has parts available through your website! Very easy to use and very helpful ordering process directly through the website, I was impressed! Thank you”

Jessie Olweean
Conifer, CO

“great internet help”

Thomas Sims
Scottsdale, AZ

“have enjoyed our spa for 15 years now & this is only 3rd minor repair”

Alan Cohen
Meadville, PA

“Joe, was helpful, kind, courtesy, and forgiving I hope. ”

Roxie Davidson
Weatherford, TX

“Thanks to Joe for helping with the configuration. He really knows his stuff!”

Robert Adkinson
Champlin, MN

“Good friendly service”

Charles Jaeger
Albuquerque, NM

“Joseph was very helpful over the phone. ”

Ronald Ramelli
Austin, TX

“Great Service - Joe is a spot on Tech Guy!”

Lawrence Ward
Humble, TX

“Joe was extremely helpful...Thanks again Joe!”

Gary Wain
Finleyville, PA

“Very pleasant and knowledgeable great to work with Joseph”

Wesley Powell
Gilbert, AZ

“Great technical support”

Matthew Ramuta
Naperville, IL

“Joseph was very helpful, friendly, and efficient ”

Matt Hodge
Hendersonville, TN

“Best technical help I have ever gotten from any company ”

Robert Scott
Fairfield, CA

“Superb customer service!”

Anissa DeLeon
Amboy, WA

“100 percent efficent the way to go ”

Brian Sweat
Abilene, TX

“Joe was awesome helping set up the order. THANK YOU JOE”

Keven McClaugherty
Haymarket, VA

“Phone support was outstanding, helpful, and refreshing to have that type of service.”

James Nelson
Surprise, AZ

“Fantastic support for supplying two pumps for my hot tub - better performance with new pumps and motors”

Lawrence Ward
Humble, TX

“Great Customer Service”

Janet Maceira
Hollywood, FL

“Thank you Joseph”

S Bruce Conner
Astoria, OR

“Joseph was exceptionally helpful and took plenty of time to make sure the order was correct.”

Christine Howland
Acton, ME

“Joseph was awesome... explains everything you need to know. True confidence builder.”

Sandro Sorge
Horsham, PA

“Excellent Tech Support. Very Helpful and Knowledgeable.”

Tyler Gutterridge
Danville, IL

“The guy I talked on the phone with a question about the pak was very helpful”

Tim Pull
Colfax, ND

“Joe was veryhelpful and answered all my questions and then some.”

Craig Occhiato
Glendora, CA

“Love the factory direct i saved hundreds on motors”

Kevin Lomas
Valparaiso, IN

“Joseph was great helping me get the right spa control pack!”

Andew Maley
Fairfax, CA

“very nice and very helpful and patience”

Shawn Dolan
Cleveleand, MN

“Joe was very helpful in guiding me to the correct inter-changable control spa parts I needed. Great help!! Thanks Joe!”

Alvah Clow
Coeur d'Alene, ID

“Joseph was the greatest at helping me with my system would and will refer to everyone I know”

Scott Brown
Martinsville, IN

“Dear Management,

I want to take a moment to tell you about the service I received from one of your associates.

My experience with Joe was excellent. In the past three days, he has helped me tremendously and I wish we had his knowledge here in NC.

We have owned our ThermoSpa whirlpool for 13 years and have gone through 7 different companies trying to get some assistance in repairing our spa. It has been so frustrating getting the runaround from the other companies.

This past year, I decided to research the problems and work on it myself. It has been a little stressful with no one wanting to share information, but I prevailed.

I am 53 years old & have always wanted to figure out how something works and fix it. Joe treated me, not like a female not knowing anything, but like a customer who he wanted to educate to accomplish my goals with my spa problems.

Thank you so much for your excellent customer service.

We will inform every one we know of your company & look forward to doing business with you & only you in the future.

These days, customer service is very hard to find and I am so pleased your company was recommended to me.”

Thank You
Sandy H. Olson

Click to read testimonial from Paul V.

Paul V.
Prince George, B.C., Canada

“Dear Joe,

Thanks for all your help in diagnosing my little problem, as I said, even though my spa was built in 1988, over the past 20 years I have only had to occasionally replace small things like GFIs, some relays, and that's about all. I was amazed that you took the time to call me back and answer my questions about the control system. This kind of service is unheard of nowadays, I was further impressed with your knowledge of a 20 year old model which I think you said you helped engineer and design. (Congrats! By the way for such a durable design.) and therefore you provided a very helpful troubleshooting checklist.
Anyway, I just wanted to pass along this letter of "Thanks" for such a great service and let you know that should my spa ever "give up the ghost" (God forbid, ha ha), I will darn sure make sure my next one has an Acura Spa control system!”

Don Shooter
Yuma, AZ

“Thanks for the great customer service... it's been awhile since I got such good customer service, so knowledgeable and honest. I have been fed up with the poor customer service from ThermoSpa... glad I found your company.”

Carlos Martinez
Quaker Hill, CT

“Mirna... just to let you know I received my new pump and motor I ordered from you yesterday. Every things good. I could not believe how well it was protected in the shipping box with all the spray foam around it. I was concerned when I ordered it because of the plastic pump housing and knowing what happens in shipping transit to things like this. I opened the box and I must admit I have never seen anybody insure that a product would arrive as safely to a customer as you people. Many thanks and I will look forward to ordering from you again and I know I won't have to bother with paying extra for insuring the package...you insure it well enough it won't be a concern. Thanks”

Wayne Ratliff

“Your web page is very informative and user friendly.”

Michael Stanley
Camden, DE

“Great tech support. Very friendly and helpful.”

Gary Groubert
Lisbon, OH

“Joseph was knowledgeable and very helpful dealing with my problem and provided the solution I was looking for.”

David Kyte
Wimberley, TX

“I would like to thank Acura Spa for the excellent experience in dealing with you company.

The web site was easy to understand and navigate.
The motor I ordered was promptly shipped and arrived much faster than I expected. I ordered it Thursday and it arrived Saturday. I installed it two hours later and it worked perfectly. We enjoyed our hot tub that night. Overall, this transaction was a very pleasant experience. Kudos to the Acura team. Thank you again.”

Ronald Krainz
Mesa, AZ


It is rare that I buy something with so much quality built in.

Every time I get into one of my Hot Springs Spas with your equipment I think about you. For 20 years with the original system I never knew what to expect when I opened the lid of my Hot Springs Spa -- incorrect temperature, mucky un-clear water, foul smell or more trouble trying to band aide fix the heater or one of the pumps. Now since I added Acura Spa Systems control into my Hot Springs Spa I look forward to clear clean water, 102° temperature I can see my feet and feel warm and relaxed knowing that the next time I get in I will get more of the same! I own 2 Hot Spring Spas vintage since 1984 in 2 different locations that work better than new with your equipments! They have been working non-stop for 8-9 months. ”

Dennis Anderson
Newbury Park, CA
Email: metaphorgolf@gmail.com

“Hi Joe,

I wanted to give you some feedback on my Acura Spa Control installation and a picture of the final product. You're welcome to share my comments on your site if you like. Originally, you'll recall that I asked to return the topside control as it was too small to cover the opening. However, with the help of a friend with access to some arboron material, he cut me a template to place over the existing hole in my hot tub and placed the new control panel on top of it. All is sealed-up watertight and is working great.

The unit installed easily and without any problems. At your website's suggestion, we installed gate valves. My hot tub required three. The plumbing took the longest simply due to the tight working environment.

The only suggestion I would make is to have a larger bonding/ground bar on the outside of the panel box. I had three items that needed to be bonded to the panel, so I pulled-off the bonding bar from my old control box and attached it to the Acura Control box. I then attached the bonding wires. Other than that, it was easy to install.

Thanks for your help and support. I will recommend your company to others that I know with hot tubs.”

Kevin Knickerbocker
San Diego, CA

“Dear Joseph:

What an absolute pleasure speaking with you on the phone this afternoon. Customer service is severely lacking in our society these days so my experience with you was so refreshing. The pride of ownership in your product and company is to be admired. Thank you for taking the time to talk me through my issues with the spa filter. For what it's worth, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to refer Acura Spa to anyone.

And with that in mind: After we spoke, I did explore the circuit board and even took some photos so that if I need to change the heat sensor, I'll know exactly where it is. However, when I started up the spa, it ran fine (again). And after our discussion about "hot air" and not "hot water," it seems more that likely that your computer and sensor are doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing, sensing something is wrong. I don't believe it's the sensor. The spa sounds abnormal, as though there is not enough water circulating through the pipes. I will look at that first to make sure that's not the culprit. I am not running the spa at this time because I don't want the sensor to keep shutting things down due to heat overload.

I think I'm on the right track. I'll let you know as I proceed.”

Thank you again for all your help.
Paul Chepikian
Encino, CA

“Joe was very helpful on going over what my spa has and creating my order.”

Michael Black
Key Largo, FL

“Great technical help.”

Gerald Erdman
Chapin, SC

“I want to thank u so much more all the help with my spa pump. I put it in Sunday and it is working great.”

David Goose Nelson

“Joe, I'm not sure if you remember me, but we had talked a couple weeks ago and you helped walk me through specifying a new controller for my Charisma tub. Well, this last weekend my electrician was able to install it and it went well and is working! Just wanted to say thank you so much for what you do, being so patient and taking the time to help me. It is greatly appreciated. Take care”

Erica Freshley

“Joe is the most helpful person I have ever dealt with from a company with an online presence”

Robert Woods
Charlotte, NC

“Joe, just a note to thank you for your help with the spa that was not heating. I plumbed the pressure switch as you suggested and it works fine. Thanks Joe I owe you a cold one. Clair”

Clair Jensen

“Joe makes doing things so easy I don't need a Hot tub tech”

Larry Fabian
Buffalo Grove, IL

“Thank you for the refund. I will be sure to go back and rate your company!! As most excellent! IF I EVER need any spa parts or know of some one who does I will give them the name of Acuraspa. Good luck to you and your company.”

Paul Titus

“It was wonderful to talk to someone who understood how my system worked and did not try to upsell me on items that I did not need.”

Karen Black
Burkesville, KY

“Always helpful getting me the parts I need when I call in. Very Nice people and products!”

Walter Schneider
Olathe, KS

“Thank you to your Customer Service (Joe) for help identifying the correct motor and pump I needed. The cost is significantly lower than I found at other spa parts companies online, and lower than my local spa stores.”

Laurie Fullone
Blasdell, NY

“Joe was not only knowledgable but extremely helpful. He even called us from home when he was sick to ensure the proper order”

Walter Birney
Rocky Point, NY

“I spoke with the technician at Acura Spa Products and he was very helpful and indepth on explaining the motor to me”

Robert Fox
Zanesville, OH

“Call for some guidance sales rep was excellent”

Harold Marshall
Palm Springs, CA

“Joseph the Tech walked me through and answered all my questions. He was Great!”

Lewis Gillette
Hawley, PA

“Acura Spas provides an outstanding support team. Joseph took me step by step to facilitate the ordering process to insure the spa control system was appropriate for our spa.”

Mary Ann Web
Tully, NY

“Joe gave excellent service. Would definitely come back!!!”

Tod Hammett
Laguna Beach, CA

“Immediate understanding of my issue suggested a solution I ordered the part and will be back in business quickly”

Francis Vivenzio
Cave Creek, AZ

“Good price and easy to navigate”


“A pleasure doing business with Joseph. Appreciate the customer/supplier attitude!”

Michael Oswalt
Vacaville, CA

“Joe was very helpful, thanks”

Warren Avery
Weed, CA

“Your rep has a wealth of information. Great Guy”

Jay Simpson
Ft Thomas, KY

“Joe's tech support is AWESOME!!!!!”

Gary Hampson
West Chicago, IL

“Super assistance with my order. Very helpful making sure I ordered the correct parts.”

Donald Galloway
Whitestown, IN

“Great to be able to get parts directly from the OEM at the cheapest cost.”

Ellery Wong
Rochester, NY

“Joseph was very helpful.”

Anthony Domiano
Spring Valley, CA

“Joseph was wonderful and because of him I will never go anywhere else!!!”

David Shearer
Reno, NV

“good web site, tech phone contact guidance invaluable”

J Britton Pfann
Siler City, NC

“excellent customer servcie rep--really helpfull ”

David Masti
Cameron, NY

“Tell Joe I said much thanks for the help ”

William Franklin
Huntland, TN

“Joe, I just want you to know the last two packs I install worked great and my customers were very pleased. Just wanted to thank you and Myrna for all your help and providing great products. Jo and I wish you both a very happy and safe Holiday Season. Clair”

Clair Jensen

“After a wonderful summer and fall of using our hot tub, my Wife and I would like to thank Joe personally for the technical/customer service and advise he provided to me through the order process. Of any company we have dealt with in 2015 Joe, yours is the best.”

Don Ryan
Rifle, CO

“thanks for taking your time with me”

Joseph Cannon
West Hurley, NY

“Joe was great, very informative and helpful! this is my first order from them”

Ray Chesla
Fort Mohave, AZ

“Great price”

Stephen Newman
Chesapeake, VA

“So I read all the reviews and spoke to the famos and was not disapointed. have not recieved my control unit yet but customer service so far is great”

Kevin McDonnell
Marina, CA

“Salesman was very helpful. He kept me from buying to large a motor and pump”

George Walker
Freeport, IL

“great site lots of info”

Rocky Lennon
Lafayette, LA

“it the best service i have ever had the parts man is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Russell Kidd
Blanchester, OH

“Joseph goes beyond helpful-such a nice guy ”

Bruce Hanson
Bossier, LA

“Real easy shopping on line, very good and informative website”

Dennis Campbell
Phoenix, OR

“Great product and great service.”

Eric Fischer
Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you, your tech was very helpful.”

Gary Balestrieri
Wilmington, MA

“great phone support. have had the controller for over a year works great now ordering a pump”

Frank Maloney
Chagrin Falls, OH

“Very helpful phone support, very knowledgable and patient”

Paul Mourry
Belvidere, NJ

“I love your technical support, very helpful”

Paul Ippolito
Petaluma, CA

“Super helpful on all aspects.This company reminds me of how things use to be when you needed help people would take the time to help you, not hear a record”

Richard Johnson
Rickman, TN

“It was a real plessure talking with another engineer (designed this unit) that took the time and explained everything with no rushing”

Thomas Fallon
East Aurora, NY

“Good website with all the specs I needed to order”

Fred Sadler
Lake Wales, FL

“My initial experience with Acuura Spa was great. The owner is very technical with good knowledge available for the customer. I have never had a potential supplier spend the amount of time that he did to make certain my needs were met.”

Earl Smith
Golden, CO

“Talked on the phone with Joe, he was extremenly helpful in choosing the correct control kit. Thanks, Joe!”

Don Ryan
Rifle, CO

“Joe was very patient and helpful step by step in ordering the correct replacement parts. thank you again”

Derek Pasieka
Phoenix, AZ

“If only every company adhered to your customer service and business standards...Thank you!”

Steve Merin

“Thanks for taking the time to make sure im getting what I need not just selling me products!!!”

Troy Steelman
Tipton, MO

“Spoke to Joseph regarding parts needed for my heater. He was very friendly and informative.”

Michael Loperfito
Sunland, CA

“We purchased a Megatrol Rainproof about two years ago. A gentleman named Joe helped us to choose the proper options. We could not be happier. It took a while but we were able to figure out how to get the 104 degree temperature to feel more like 108 to us. This factor alone puts your product far ahead of the competition. But their are so many other really great features on this products. Durability is at the top of that list. In two years we have had only one problem. A shorted heating sensor. You sent the replacement part and the repair went smoothly. But their is one point on which I would strongly disagree with Joe. When we explained that our tub controls had to be underground and that they got wet from time to time Joe cautioned that the "Rainproof" could not be submerged in water. Last week we experienced a severe storm with flooding and a power outage. Our sub pump failed. The control panel was completely submerged. Once we were able to dry it out and turn it on we got the SESH error code. We took the heating sensor out cleaned off the leads and put it back in. Within a few hours we were in the tub at 104 degrees. Amazing. Judith Kelley”

Judith Kelley

“Great customer service - Joe was extremely helpful! ”

Gary Tillett
Mine Hill, NJ

“Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your help. The install was easy and we are very happy with the result. Hoping to get many years of service from your product.

Tim Murashige

“I called and hit extension 223 that guy knows his stuff. I have learned so much about hot tubs just talking to him for a few minutes.”

Gregory Price
Brownstown, MI

“very helpful very detailed very profesional ”

Michael Maloof
Milford, PA

“Joseph was very helpful with helping me choose the correct control for my spa. Old pneumatic system was shot, and looking forward to installing this new digital system”

Jeffrey Engle
Blanchard, OK

“Thank you, Joe. There is no other Spa company with Acura's level of knowlege and support. Had I called Acura to begin with, I would have saved several hundred dollars and many hours of wasted time installing the wrong "direct replacement pump" sold to me by people who only know what their book says and nothing more.”

Cliff Unruh
Reedley, CA

“technical personnel (joseph) was very helpfull and very nice thank you ”

Donald Cox
Poplar Bluff, MO

“Your products are top quality. Thank you very much for the work you do.”

Christopher McCrea
Vallejo, CA

“Thank you Joe. He is very helpful ”

Sara Millikan
Fillmore, CA

“Great Technican - gave great information, knows his spas.”

Charles Wanko
Glen Burnie, MD

“You were very helpful and I'm very excited to be sitting in my spa again with your help!”

Kimberley Slayton
Denison, TX


Charles Leone
Brick, NJ

“Thank you for your assistance in choosing the righ replacement pump.... very helpful”

Jeff May
Athol, ID

“Joseph gave me an education in spa technology big help thank you”

Ossie Elkins
Bohemia, NY


Rebecca Gonzalez
Winnetka, CA

“Loved the tech support...very knowledgable”

Clayton Schnelker
Valrico, FL

“Technical Service was excellent. They walked me through the entire process.”

Brian Larson
Longmont, CO

“I emailed back and forth to the sales email address, the tech on the other end was awesome. Helped me through my questions and order. Thank you”

Micha Knowles
Destin, FL

“Answered the phone after hours and patiently answered all my questions.”

Denise Erickson
Firestone, CO

“The sales manager I talked to over the phone walked me through the process step by step an was extremely helpful in configuring the control to my specific spa and needs. Thank you VERY Much!”

Sally McQueen
Cedar Creek, TX

“This Spa is old and still works great”

Eric Boudreaux
Boudreaux, LA

“Great customer service. Explained the motor and options. Enjoyed doing business with you.”

Adam Griff
Lafayette, CO

“What wonderful service! Friendly, courteous and informative! Joseph took wonderful care of us and answered all of our questions. Please add 10 ft of 1/8" air line for button. Thank you!”

Daniel Cocuzzi
Macedon, NY

“First time ordering, Tech help was excellent ”

John Harvey
Indialantic, FL

“It was a great pleasure speaking with Joe Elnar. He was very knowledgable and quickly guided me to the right componet to purchase. This interaction was a great represntation of what custormer service should be about. I will be more than happy to order from Acura Spa Systems in the future.”

Jason Wristen
Madera, CA

“Great Job Joe - Thanks for your help ”

John Spaeth
Tulsa, OK

“I have worked with Joe and found him to be the most knowledgable and capable Spa resource I have ever worked with. Combined with high quality products and great customer servce...They have my recommendation. Thank you Joe.”

James Kelley
Papillon, NE

“very pleased with your tech services. I called to verify a code on my unit and he walked me through the whole order page. thanks”

Brent Weber
Minot, ND

“Great company very reasonable prices!”

James Dodd
Lawrenceville, GA

“Very helpful customer support ”

Al Werner
Shutesbury, MA

“Great Tech support from Joe ”

Walter Rosberg
Myrtle Beach, SC

“the service has been outstanding very happy to deal with acura spas for all my hot tub needs thanks”

David Wilson
Osterburg, PA

“Very kind and made ordering easy, they knew the products well”

Anthony Perrault
Tulsa, OK

“Thank you Joe for your patient advice”

David Ball
Novato, CA

“person i spoke on the phone was magnific and very polite”

Ubaldo Carlos
Redwood City, CA

“great customer service. Nice talking to a person and not a computer”

Gavin Hood
Penn Valley, CA

“Great customer service”

Rebecca Underdahl
Fairbault, MN

“Website is easy to navagate through and pricing is on par”

Lyle Dorie

“Great Service & advice!!! Pleasure doing business!!”

William Williams
Akron, OH

“Joseph was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in explaining what parts were needed and how to install after receiving.”

Charles Dorfler
Palm Coast, FL

“Very nice guy with foriegn accent helped. Thanks ”

Michael Manning
Chicago, IL

“Fantastic customer service - OEM products at excellent prices!!! Thanks a million!!”

Mark Stewart
Buckeye, AZ

“Joe Elnar is my "go to guy" at Acura Spa anytime I have a problem with my hot tub. He is the best and I really appreciate knowing that Joe and Acura Spa are always there for me!”

Randy Ferdig
Tiffin, IA

“I shop Acura Spas for all my major Spa needs. I am pleased with the technical support and products.”

Owen Wallace
Monteagle, TN

“spoke with joseph, he knows his stuff. fine job!”

Dave Opdenaker
Media, PA

“Joe is very knowledgable and helpful. Thank you!”

Jim Scharf
Granite Falls, WA

“my friend was happy i hope i will be too ”

Carlo Marino
Hialeah, FL

“I just want to thank Joe and everyone at Acura for the help and service and time that you gave us. My son has hooked up the Control/Heater system and everything is working well. The equipment arrived in good condition and the installation went smoothly. It is hard to find people who are willing to take the time to explain and answer questions. Thanks very much Joseph. I wish you well.”

Gwen Block

“thank you very much! Joseph is always so helpful and kind!!!!!!!!”

Cherie Blasko
Parma, OH

“Joe was very helpful. Thank you! ”

Robert Haddad
Glendale, AZ

“great customer service ”

Robert Dunning
Hope, RI

“support is the best... ”

Timothy Paetz
Bella Vista, AR


Eric Orr
San Antonio, TX

“Thank you for the help. The guy I talked with was very helpful”

Peter Froelich
Shorewood, WI

“Joe was very helpful”

Joe Sarubbi
New Paltz, NY

“Very helpfull customer service. Answered all question prior to order. Thank you!”

Nick Metro
Redington Shores, FL

“I recently purchased a ThermoSpa tub, used. Turns out the Acura Spa Pump was at least 11 years old before needing replaced! Time to replace and a no-brainer to reorder the same pump.”

Rob Swales
Clearfield, PA

“Joe has given me superb technical support many times. I ordered a PM5010-4 on 8/8/2013, but now must replace it (locked up).”

Thomas Hull
Black Canyon City, AZ

“So far, great service with information on what was needed to repair spa.”

Karen Ewing
Sparks, NV

“Joe you're the best. 2nd order this year. Very helpful.”

Ron Rowland
Syracuse, NY

“The personal assistance by a dedicated rep was extremely helpful. Thank you.”

Perry Iannone
Pembroke, MA

“Obviously you build a great product. We bought our spa second hand and have no idea how many owners it has been through. The manufacture date on the spa was April of 1994 and it worked fine when we bought it in late 2011. Last year the bearings began to make a bit of noise and it started leaking at the pump. Pretty darn good to last 20 years! Thank you!”

Gilbert Gagne
Apple Valley, CA

“I appreciate Joseph's time. He was very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient.”

Merrill Lund
Naple, FL

“Joseph: Thank you so much for your kindness in going through the process with me over the phone in order to verify that my digital topside panal did need to be replaced prior to my making my order.:) JW”

Jeanette Wardwell
Temecula, CA

“Looking Forward to getting my hot tub running again, parts at a great price.”

Aaron Cunsolo
Penticton, BC Canada

“Thank you for taking the time to help me figure out exactly what I needed. I would not have been able to do this without your help.”

Michael Subiti
Temecula, CA

“Just thought I would let you know that the pump arrived and we are very pleased with it. Thank you again.”

James Kelley

“Thanks to Joseph and his crew for guiding me through the process of selecting the right products and assisting me through the order process. Wonderful experience and would recommend their services to anyone who needs help with their spa related needs.”

Juan Gil
Solvang, CA

“I spoke with a tech named Joseph and he was terrific. He is a great asset to the company. He was very knowledgeable.”

Larry Keigley
Charleston, IL

“excellent service year after year!!!! ”

Denise Ferrier
Broken Arrow, OK

“Great sevice and tec support”

Larry Thoms
Novato, CA

“Thank you very much for all your help. Just e-mailed the info to order 347-415pmt. Your advice and listing of part #s made my choice much easier.”

Brian Weddle

“Your website talks a good game. Time will tell if your product is as good as you say it is.”

Daniel Pule
Tobyhanna, PA

“Excellent resource! Best personalized service I've ever experienced, anywhere, buying replacement parts and components for my spa!”

Bruce Klasen
Langley, WA

“Joe was extremely helpful and patient. Best spa control system resource I've ever dealt with.”

Bruce Klassen
Langley, WA

“Great service! Reasonable prices.”

Mathew Dunlop
Austin, TX

“Joe was very informative and knowledgable ”

Arthur Martin
Glendale, AZ

“The tech rep was very courteous and helpful.”

Richard Pelkey
Phoenix, NY

“Appreciate the very fast responses to questions and your follow through.”

Michael Murphy
Clovis, CA

“Support called back very quickly and walked me through the order. Very knowledgeable and I will call back for all future parts.”

Niles Plante
Canoga Park, CA

“Joe was very patient with me and very helpful.”

James Wirth
Las Vegas, NV

“Fantastic, glad I could fix my spa for the low price of.”

Tommy Casteel
Yuba City, CA

“Great service! Reasonable prices.”

Mathew Dunlop
Austin, TX

“Joe was great, I love him were both engineers!!”

Robert Barrett
Port Deposit, MD

“thanks joe for walking me through this order process not only once, but twice, thx”

Daniel Snow
Osgood, IN

“I have never felt more confident in ordering something that I am not familiar with thanks to the excellent knowledge of Joe, who walked me through the entire process.”

Greg Murphy
Ashland, OH

“Excellent option for purchasing the parts I couldn't find anywhere else!!! Thank you so much!!!”

Timothy Timmsen
Colorado Springs, CO

“thanks, good service”

Greg Lawson
Stilwell, KS

“Joe was excellent at assesing my needs.”

Jerry Slinker
Maryville, TN

“Very helpful tech support huge savings over dealers.”

Randy Bishop
Murrieta, CA

“Joe was patient, detailed with expert knowledge when necessary, and humorous. Thank you!”

C. W. Edmondson
Grantsville, MD

“Excellent service, technical support and value. Joe, I am ordering this model due to space limitations. I will wait for your next production run for this model. Thanks, Steve”

Steve Lopez
Yucaipa, CA

“I emailed a question about my pump requirements and received a reply within 30 minutes! The product information in the email was exactly what I was looking for. Order placement was quick and easy.”

Christopher Conway
Chesapeake, VA

“Joseph was a tremendous help!! ”

Jeff Smith
Weimar, CA

“Very helpful with completing and only buying what I needed.”

Harris Ryan
Healdsburg, CA

“Many thanks to Acura Spa Systems...”

Rick Burke

“Fast and effecient. They know there product. 100% thumbs up”

Tracy Viegener
Gardenville, NV

“I just had the spa people out and they are baffled by our 1994 Acura Powerquip Series. 3 years ago we had a problem with the fuse but since then all has been fine until the other day when hubby got in tub and nothing worked. First guy out today is sending his boss out too look. I just wanted to tell you how impressed we all are that our spa brain lasted all this time...(I have a feeling they won't be able to figure it out) Thanks for making an awesome product!”

Darbeau Douglas

“Joe has been instrumental in keeping out hot tub working. He is friendly and very very knowledgeable.”

Judith Kelley
Gross Point Woods, MI

“Thank you Joe, for being so knowlegable, friendly, and directing us exactly where to go to get this order done!!”

Jesse Boarman
San Diego, CA


Gary Hampson
West Chicago, IL

“I currently only have purchased a spapack and heaters from Acura and this is my first pump purchase but when the time comes and money allows I will definitely buy an Acura spa. Even though I do not own one their customer service has been nothing less than gracious and helpful to me and has never been pushy or tried to "up sale" me which I appreciate. I would recommend Acura to anyone in the market for a spa or spa parts.”

Cameron Conkle
Santa Ana, CA

“Fast and efficient service. Easy to use web site and good customer support”

Harris Ryan
Healdsburg, CA

“Your tech was very friendly and very helpful”

Mike Erker
Ft Morgan, CO

“Joe was very helpful and spent a lot of time with me over the phone to ensure I chose the right heater”

Margaret Constante
Richmond, VA


Monte McClenahan
Breckenridge, CO

“I am a first time buyer and Joel (Joe) was great on the phone helping me get all the parts I needed”

Mark Skeels
Hopatcong, NJ

“Joe was very knowledgeable and helpful. A great person to deal with!”

Robert Bullock
West Palm Beach, FL

“Thank you for your assistance courtesy and professionalism.”

Ruben Velasquez
Winder, GA

“Customer service was Excellent”

Jonathon Fitch
Denali National Park, AK

“Joe was amazingly helpful.”

John Beasley
Medina, MN

“I called to make sure I was ordering the correct pump and the person who helped me carefully explained all the options and answered all my questions.”

James Mosley
San Jose, CA


Thomas Davis
Toms River, NJ

“When I called about ordering a pump the man was very friendly and helpful.”

Jeffrey Padgett
Perris, CA

“When I called about ordering a pump the man was very friendly and helpful.”

Jeffrey Padgett
Perris, CA

“Everyone I spoke to was extremely friendly and helpful.”

Peter Eckhaus
Ridgefield, CT


Kirk Makely
Vacaville, CA

“Your tech support is fantastic”

Brian Kelley
Phoenix, AZ

“Great selection of products with awesome customization available for very reasonable price.”

Douglas Matejka
Santa Fe, TX

“Technical support was great, friendly and looking forward to getting my new pump so i can get my spa working for me and the wife to soak in asap!”

Michael McCarthy
Pacifica, CA

“Like being able to get parts without jumping thru hoops w/distributor & dealer + service call bs.”

Mike Dyas
Waterloo, NE

“Thanks for having fair pricems.”

Christopher Porter
West Sacramento, CA

“The Technician I spoke to was very knowledgeable, helpful and very pleasant to talk to.”

Rick Jesse
Murrieta, CA

“I like the fact that the website makes it clear what you are getting and what you need to make it work.”

Anthony Schreiber
Jackonsville, FL

“Thank You for saving me money. And your friendly Tech.”

Connie Manning
Sorrento, FL

“Great, knowledgeable staff, made me feel comfortable making my purchase.”

Alan Morris
Modesto, CA

“Excellent response time; accurate and effecient service.”

Cindy Nance
Desert Hot Springs, CA

“Thank you! Your spa packs are priced less than it would cost me to replace the circuit board in my existing pack only to hope the rest of it is still good. This seems like a much more logical approach to repairing my tub. I found your website to not only be the most affordable but also the most informative about the products and options.”

Mark Blederstadt
Hebron, insuring`

“Tech support was very helpful and detail oriented ”

Wualberto Quintero
Coachella, CA


Leonard Santoro, Jr.
Arlington Heights, IL

“Thank you Joseph for all of your help! I'm using this for right discharge in case hat matters.”

Steve Myers
Saugus, CA

“Great knowledge and help. ”

Chad Tueller
Bluffdale, UT

“Thank you to Joseph for guiding me on my order. ”

Raymond Cruz
Seattle, WA

“The BEST customer service/tech support EVER. Thanks”

Stephanie Javier
Oakland, NJ

“Joseph went above and beyond on helping me!!! ”

Kevin Deibele
Billings, MT

“thank you so much for saving us money”

Nettie Sarro
Waterbury, CT

“Joe was very helpful in determining my needs for my control system, the system was similar cost to other options but I feel I havepurchased a far superior product. Time will tell.”

Nicholas Bogaczyk
Mansfield, PA

“our site is very helpful for a do yourselfer. ”

Daryl Ivins
Cedar Knolls, NJ

“joe is the best,very helpful”

Richard Giangrande
Cedar Knolls, NJ

“Joseph Is Amazing. Always able to help me make repairs.”

Brian Bausback
Bayville, NJ

“Tech support was very helpful and patient with me. He explained everything and took me through step by step which is good because I'm a DIYer.”

William Cox III
Ransomville, NY

“Joseph was very very helpful. ”

Richard Miranda
Houston, TX

“Great place to do business. Tech support that is knowledgable and helpful.”

Vernon Hovious
Marseilles, IL

“Buying this product save me from buying a new hot tub.”

Julius Cotton, Jr.
Millersport, OH

“Your web site was great and techinical support walked me through the complete oder.”

James Karras
Kerhonkson, NY

“Joe is the BEST! in customer service. He was VERY helpful in explaining what I needed to purchase at an affordable price!! THANKS JOE!!”

Richard Olm
Ballston Spa, NY

“it took longer than I like to get response, but the service was good.”

Cheryl LaBate
Fawnskin, CA

“great phone support on ordering”

Richard Wilson
Pembroke, MA

“Very helpful in finding correct pump. ”

Charles Lambright
Florida, FL

“Technical advise was excellent”

Robert Simpson-Clark
Seattle, WA

“Excellent support and service”

John Telmos
Lake Arrowhead, CA

“Joseph was good to work with-very patient and customer oriented-helped me design a heater system”

Kevin Raleigh
Aurora, CO

“Joe you were great that is why I'm purchasing your product. Thank you for your help.”

Alex Lizzi
Pine, CO

“Joseph was hands down the reason I purchased this product. Outstanding knowledge and was always happy to answer my questions. His background is engineering, not sales. Great asset to this company!”

Randell Brewer
Clarksville, OH

“Excellent tech support in choosing the best pump for my application.”

Rob Weston
Fremont, CA

“Thank you for your tremendous efforts over the phone to help me diagnose my Spa's problems..”

Michael Davis
Phoenix, AZ

“Joe was very helpful in helping me with parts with the little information I had available”

Harold Hall
Leland, NC

“Joe was very helpful”

Joan Gross
Athol, MA

“Technician Joseph was extremely pleasant and knowledgable”

Edwin S. Graham
Inverness, FL

“Great support and very friendly!”

Peter Loose
Novato, CA

“Technical support was very helpful.”

Christopher Harris
Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you Joe you were and are extremely knowledgeable and vey helpful my friend!”

Charles Fishel
Littleton, CO

“Joseph, I visited your warehouse and was very impressed with your spa system and your knowledge.”

Darryl Terry
Yucaipa, CA

“Joe was extremely helpful and got me what I needed”

Tim Johnson
Tustin, CA

“Which ever person I talked to there was OUTSTANDING and VERY KNOWLEDGABLE”

Jason Hobza
Fort Calhoun, NE

“Attaboy for Joseph Elnar. Sent email about replacement pump motor height issue, answered next day & problem solved. Imagine that!”

Mike Dyas
Waterloo, NE

“This has never been more EASY. Joe has been the greatest INSTRUCTOR for do-it-yourself and his humor is like none else!”

Richard Adair
Huntsville, AL

“Best price on the internet, appears to be a direct replacement for pump, bad seal ruined shaft”

Chris Hildebrandt
Merced, CA

“Joe is super, very helpful”

Donald Paullin
Chesterland, OH

“Thank you for help over the phone!”

Joe Loll
Fairfax, CA

“Very pleased with the rapid response from Joseph Elnar and his kindness in spending so much time on the phone with me to figure out what I needed”

Michael Buckley
Portuguese Cove, Nova Scotia

“Thank's Joseph, Great help! ”

Cesar Caceres
Elsa, TX

“Good company. Always have had good luck with my purchases.”

Sandra Goodwin
Las Vegas, NV

“Very knowledgeable and excellent service.”

Gloria Huckett
Broken Arrow, OK

“I just wanted to thank you and your staff for catching my mistake. You save me quite a bit of aggravation. Most companies would not even notice this kind of omission. I am very pleased that I chose your product. Thank you.”

Steven Chambers
Rocky Mount, NC

“Very patient,helpful and thorough, as well as knowlegeable about products when assisting you.”

John Weeatherspoon
Texas City, TX

“Jos is a genius.”

Tom Frykman
Santa Monica, CA

“The technician was extremly helpful. Thank you”

John Cabot
Gilbert, AZ

“Thanks to Joseph for all his help and patience sovling my problem”

Brad Schreiber
Montgomery, TX

“Grrrrrrrrrreat service!!!!!!!! Joe is a very patient and knowledgable guy.”

Mike Vogel
Bozeman, MT

“Joe is very very knowledgable and helpful! Thanks!”

Angela O'Kelly
Groveport, OH

“Thank you ever so much. Your company has been nothing less that a pleasure to deal with sense day one. Have a terrific evening and the best of a prosperous business future.”

Cameron Conkle

“Great Support!”

Peter Loose
Novato, CA

“Joe the engineer was very very very helpful”

Carol Fischer
Burgettstown, PA

“Acura Spa has the best customer service. They are always willing to help. Thanks.”

Gerhard Kriedemann
Aurora, CO

“You guys are more knowledgable and helpful than anyone else I have contacted.”

Russ Pangratz
Tallahassee, FL

“Thanks for the help! The little fuse was the issue. Followed your directions and the spa is working great now! Thanks again for all your help and support! I will continue to recommend you and your business!”

Ross Parkinson
Asheville, NC

“Joe has been a great help, He is patient and he assists customers (me) in answering thier own questions thus giving them a better understanding of what they are doing. Don't lose this guy!!!”

Joseph Paolilli Jr.
Swanzey, NH

“I just wanted to thank you for the instructions you gave for us to repair the pump.

Our repaired pump is back in the jacuzzi and working wonderfully.

I appreciate the positive experience I had in purchasing the pump parts from your company.rdquo;

Diane Eldred
Hemet, CA

“Technical help was great.”

John Allegretti
Pittsburgh, PA

“Prompt return call and outstanding customer service while processing order.”

James Duell
Carrollton, TX

“My technical support rep was very knowledgeable and explained in detail how to order walking me through the process. Thank you very much.”

Cheryl Burgard
Putnam Valley, NY

“Thank you so much for calling Vern. It was very helpfull! the tub is up and running now.”

Pamela Kreutz
Portland, OR

“Joe in Tech Support was VERY hepful!”

Paul Catterson
Elizabeth, CO

“Great price looking forward to having my hot tub back up and running”

Jeremiah Young
Quincy, IL

“The staff is extremely helpful anytime that I need them, they have the answer.”

Monesa Burrell
Clayton, GA

“Your technical department was very helpful.”

Leland Anderson
Castro Valley, CA

“Technical support staff very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Charles Camp
Dry Prong, Louisiana

“Thanks again for your time spent on the phone answering questions I had as to the parts I needed.”

Thomas Avila
Diamond Bar, CA

“Great service, very patient and informative”

Terrence Diamond
Upper Darby, PA

“Best price around”

David Chapman
Lavon, TX

“Good detailed info and advise - Offered only a phone call away for any additional help needed!”

Jim Parsons
Plainview, NY

“I am a 32 year field service engineer for the world's leading supplier of power generation equipment. I work on components ranging from a small industrial drives to the largest nuclear units in the US. When I have to ask a technical question in my work environment I expect to get a timely, precise technical answer. This is exactly what you have provided me! As you probably know, and I have recently found out, other people selling Spa components only have the ability to sell... they lack any technical knowledge.”

Dan Burns
White Field, ME

“We had to replace a motor in 2004, The Spa is a good product.”

Dale Ranck
Utica, OH

“ Just a note to let you know that my swim spa is once again fully operational. Thanks again for your expert support!”

Paul Heinmuller
Fort White, FL

“Keep manufacturing in the USA!! Thanks!”

Thomas Bourbeau
Ventura, CA

“Great customer service. Helpful and very knowledgeable to get you through complicated system installations.”

Bret Mann
Westminster, CO

“Joseph was a wealth of information and answered all my questions.”

Jon Gagnon
Eureka, CA

“Fast, easy and efficient...”

Steven Mendelas
Burien, WA

“After 20 years I replaced the original spa controller with the new digital. Its as good as having a complete new spa.”

William DeGraf
West Hempstead, NY

“Joe is a great man and a great help.”

Peggy White
Pinon Hills, CA

“Spoke to Joseph on the phone and he was so informative about the parts I needed and spa maintenance. Thank you Joseph!”

Nick Brunetti
Staten Island, NY

“Representative was very helpful and knowledgeable. He did not try to sell me what I wanted, he provided me with what I needed. I will recommend Acura Spa to all my friends with hot tubs!”

Jason Parham
Belton, TX

Joseph Sabol owns an old ThermoSpa and replaced his Balboa control with our digital Powermaster:

“Excellent Service form Joseph! Understood my needs, very patient!”

Joseph Sabol
Harwood, MD

“Recently I had the pleasure of receiving expert assistance in refurbishing my 2001 united spa from Joseph. He was extremely knowledgeable about my spa, even more than I was. With his unbiased assistance, I was able to choose the perfect replacement spa pack for my unit. The Megatrol unit not only fit perfectly but it also did away with the old air buttons that seldom worked. I now have a modern looking unit with spa side controls that are not only easy to use, but it also economizes my use of electricity. I placed my order on Tuesday morning and received my unit on Friday mid morning and was able to not only install it that same day, but was enjoying my spa at siz o'clock that evening. Absolutely amazing products and service.”

Angel Gomez BS, RDMS, RVT
Kennewick, WA

“Thank you for your prices. They are very fair.”

Gerardo Sura
Poughskeepsie, NY

“Joseph Elnar was amazing!!! Very much appreciated his knowledge, expertise and help!”

Carol Lincourt
Lakesire, AZ

“After speaking with Joe in your sales, technical and parts department, I will never order any parts with any other company. Joe was absolutely the most knowledgeable, professional and patient person I have dealt with in my 13 years as a spa owner. I wish we had his knowledge & experience here in NC. Thank you for the best customer service I have ever received!”

Sandy Olson
Westfield, NC

“Joe's assistance with the technical support helped me make sure I was ordering the right parts for my SPA. He told me what to look for and what to make sure I checked in the order and part numbers to make sure I had the right replacement for my pump and blower. Can't wait to get the parts and get my spa back into shape again. Thanks for all your help and $ I saved going direct.”

Moustafa Zerhouni
Virginia Beach, VA

“Thanks again for all parts. The spa is running like new again, thanks to your good service. The spa is now approx. 20 years old and I must say very good quality.”

Thanks again to you and greetings from Germany.
Thomas Cordes

“Thank you and Joseph and the other staff that have been so helpful an kind to us in this matter and repair. It is very refreshing during this time of financial uncertainty people that are professional, honest and polite.”

Jim & Paula Watson

“Enjoyed working with Acura Spas. Joseph was very helpful and knowledgeable.”

Sheryl Paris
Bakersfield, CA

“The technical personnel is outstanding.”

William Green
Vacaville, CA

“Joe helped me get get exactly what I needed. He was extremely helpful and knew what he was talking about. He even answered questioned I didn't know I had until I had them. A great helpful, knowledgeable person. THX JOE!”

Edward Shearer
Fayetteville, NC

“Second time I've ordered something and you guys are always very helpful... thx!”

Edward Shearer
Fayetteville, NC

“You guys are the BEST. 2nd order for me. 1st order I save over $300 on an new motor and pump.”

Fritz Akerlund
Fair Oaks, CA

“I was very pleased with the way Joseph configured a system to accomodate my existing conditions as to current/voltage. The spa was in this house when I purchased it 12 yrs ago and has never been operated. This phone contact with Joe was a pleasure. I am very happy that I found your site on line. George”

George Gotthold
Manahawkin, NJ

“We purchased the spa to aide in my recovery from neck and shoulder injuries suffered in a car accident. After testing multiple spas and dozens of different neck treatment devices, the Aquassage was the only device that provided a true therapeutic neck massage. The rotating fingers on the unit gently rub the back and sides of my neck providing relief from the muscle spasms and tightness that were typical of my injuries. Other products either use water pressure that splashes everywhere or use much smaller fingers to perform the massage. Neither of which provide the true massage action that the Aquassage unit gives.”

Martha Ann McClain
Potomac Falls, VA

Paul has been using our products for over 16 years.

“Your techincal support was by far the BEST I have ever gotten from any company!!!”

Paul Berwanger
Loves Park, IL

“WOW, I am impressed. That is faster service than I expected. Thank you so much for the personal touch about your business. It means alot to me. I will certainly be a return customer. I did receive the tracking info from accounting, and thanks for the startup hints. I appreciate the help offer as I try to hook it up.
I will call if I need help.

We received our unit on Thursday, (Thank You) I spent today getting it hooked up and running. I am so pleased with it. It is very quiet compared to our old unit.
Looking forward to many years of service from it. Thanks again for all your help and worderful service from your company.

Tom Remmert”


Phillip Mutt
Costa Mesa, CA

“Website is user friendly. Information is easily found. Prices are competitive.”

Kevin Remynse
Rio Vista, CA


THANK YOU! I consider myself a pretty handy guy but I don't think I would have figured this one out. I greatly appreciate your help.”

Kyle Ranville Dalzell, S.C.

“Congratulations on your spa, that's class A impressive top of the line in very good taste high end style spa, with nothing but the best under the hood and on top. That's most defiantly going to be a hit !!!
Keep it up Joe, good work.”

Tom Kelleher
Hidromasaje de Mexico SA de CV
Director General

“I wish to take this opportunity to express my great pleasure with your service. My experience with you personally and Acura Spa in general has been outstanding.

Thank you so much to the quick responses and the overall pleasant experience. ”

Greg Ham
Denver, Colorado

“This is my 3rd order with you an it has always been fast service and always correct. Thank You”

Raymond O Keller
Fort Mohave, AZ

“Lastly, please thank Joe very, very much for his time today. It was a pleasure to speak with someone who is so knowledgable in fluid flow.”

Take care,
Ron Wentzke
Auburn, WA

“Thank you very much. It was easy and a pleasure to do business with you guys.”

Tony D.

“Thank you. We are very pleased with your prompt and honest customer service. Good luck on your continuing business success.”

Bob Jones

“Thank you so much for the info. And thanks to Joe for calling me today and being so patient with me and all my stupid questions.”

Rick Golde

“My wife and I bought a new hottub in 2000, we had just bought a new home and figured it would be a great way to relax after working on the home all day. Were we ever right, she of course got the what we call the captains chair, and I got the lounge seat. On the neck area of the captains chair rests the aquasassge, two knobs, that rotate in a small circular fashion. Just enough to make you sink into a nice relaxed state. Me I was still stuck in the lounge seat.

Now 7 years later, the tub has had some leaks and some repairs, nothing dramatic though. The aquasassge is working again now with a simple repair. It took me less than 10 minutes, to replace the cover and the flex shafts. Having 2 kids abuse the tub the way they have, I am surprised that’s all I’ve had to do.

I would like to take this time to thank the people of Acuraspa Company for making so many parts available to me, the end user of their product, so that I could repair my own hottub. I look forward to perhaps changing some of the other jets in my tub to some of the new products they offer.”

Thank You,
R Brian Dunlap
Scotch Plains, NJ

“Second time I've ordered something and you guys are always helpful... Thx!”

Edward Shearer
Fayetteville, NC

“Thanks Joe, nice to deal with somebody who knows what they are talking about!”


Dear Joe,

“As sales manager for Islander Spas, Inc., I have had the opportunity to see how well your products help us to sell our spas wholesale to our dealers and on the retail level as well. We have been using your fine water therapy products in our spas for years and your products give us the advantage over our competitors because with Aquassage, Vibra-Jet, and Rollassage, we can offer the ultimate in massage therapy and enjoyment in our Islander Spas.

When people first see the Aquassage, they are amazed. They say they've never seen anything like it in a spa. I ask them if they ever have headaches, or if they have stress in their lives. (Most modern Americans answer yes to these questions.) They put their arm into the warm water up against the Aquassage to feel the action in the water, which they say is like "Shiatsu" or "Kneading Fingers", which they've seen demonstated at fairs or shows, etc. They feel it work for a few moments on their arm and they are in love with the real deep massaging sensation. When I've seen customers later after the purchase of their Islander Spa, they tell me that they love the Aquassage, which not only helps with headaches and neck tension, but they like to use it on their legs and shoulders after a work out for ultimate muscle relaxation.

Your wonderful Vibra-Jet really creates a nice vibrating sensation on the user's back. When the retail customers put their hands against the Vibra-Jet in the running spa, they just, "Ooh and Ah!". The Vibra-Jet really gives the customers much more than just water action - this offers an actual touch massage that creates a pleasurable, gentle, tingling sensation.

The ultimate luxurious massage is offered by your wonderful Rollassage. Your technology has captured the ancient oriental art of massage by gently rolling balls on the back with the hands. The customer who touches the Rollassage in action becomes immediately involved with the wonder of the product. They can imagine their private luxury at home with their Islander Spa with Rollassage.

Some customers have asked, "Doesn't the electric motor of the Aquassage, Rollassage, or the Vibra-Jet pose an electrical shock danger in a spa?" They are so delighted when I am able to explain to all of them that they are powered by the water action of their spa, with no electrical motors involved to create the massage action!

Joe, thanks for turning out such wonderful new products, year after year, that enable us to offer the very best to our customers in Islander Spas with innovative products from Acura Spa Systems!”

Very cordially,
John Mason
Sales Manager
Islander Spas, Inc.


“I'm writing in reference to the many years of doing business with Acura equipment, and the many years of great support you have given with your equipment. You've always been very supportive in helping in times of equipment problems even though they are far and few between. Its been approximately ten years since I started doing business with Acura equipment and found it to be the most trouble free equipment I've dealt with in the fifteen years I've been in the spa industry. You've been very innovative with your Rollassage, Vibra-Jet, and Aquassage that have added innovation in therapy no other jet company has ever offered. If your new equipment boxes with the titanium heaters are as reliable as the old equipment boxes I look for even fewer problems because of the new titanium heaters. As always Joe I appreciate your great support through the years but most of all your friendship. Take care and thanks again.”

Jon Cameron
Sioux Falls, S.D.

“These people really know their stuff!!! Great to do business with.”

Cindy Anderson
Morristown, TN


Richard Mohring
Bound Brook, NJ


*Free Freight only for Fedex SmartPost. Other forms of shipping incur additional shipping costs.

**Beating competitor's price: We will meet or beat any competitor's written quotation for hardware of the same capability, such as: plumbing size, voltage, motor horsepower, motor 1 or 2-speed, heater length, safety test report, etc.

A $9.95 Handling charge is applied to all orders.

All products sold per our "Terms and Conditions" found in the "Support" section of our menu.

When your order is produced, the pump motor used (A.O. Smith, Regal Beloit, Marathon Electric, etc.) will be whatever is in stock in our factory at the time.