UV Sterilization
AOP = Hydroxyl Radicals
Hydroxyl Radicals are powerful molecules that can rapidly destroy bacteria, germs, molds, algae, etc. This could take hours when using Chlorine or Bromine.
Hydroxyl Radicals are created by the UVS100 Sanitizer using natural atoms from the water, air and light. Hyrdroxyls "AOP" are the most powerful advanced sanitizers.
Here's how it works:
Step (1) - Create Ozone:
Ozone 'O3' is generated when Oxygen 'O2' in the air is electrified by a special electric cell in the UVS100. This electric cell splits the 'O2' into two pure 'O' atoms. The pure 'O' atoms are very unstable and immediately react with 'O2' in the air to create 'O3' = Ozone.
  Did you know that ozone is created naturally when lighting strikes? 
Step (2) - Expose Ozone to UV-C light bulb:
Spa water 'H2O' enriched with Ozone 'O3' is circulated past a UV-C light. The Ozone 'O3' reacts with the UV-C light and breaks the 'O3' apart into 'O2' and 'O'.
Step (3) - Create Hydroxyl Radicals 'OH':
The spa water Spa water 'H2O' enriched with Ozone 'O3' is circulated past a UV-C light inside the UVS100. The unstable 'O' reacts with water 'H2O' and creates hydroxyl radicals 'OH' and oxygen 'O2'. The hydroxyl radical is an extremely reactive molecule and wants to actively react with organic material in the water. 'OH' reacts much faster and more powerfully than other sanitizers such as Chlorine or Bromine. Hydroxyls can also breakdown nasty chloramines that make hot tub water irritating and uncomfortable.

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